DermaType™ Specific Skin Solutions

New U Life brings you a state of the art skincare line tailored to your skin’s unique composition.


Rose & Cole by New U Life

Challenge the way you age through DermaType™ technology to breathe resilience, vibrance, and beauty into your skin.


Rose & Cole challenges the way you age and builds you better from the outside in


Personalized Skin Solutions

Our blends are engineered specifically to build you better from the outside in through your DNA-defined DermaType™ to provide a critical long-term path to youthful, healthy, radiant skin as you age. We utilize the latest data-driven breakthroughs in science and naturopathy to provide solutions based on your skin’s innate protective mechanisms.

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Our Blends

We created our transdermal anti-aging line to build you better from the outside in. All of our ingredients have been hand selected for sustainability and created through the most natural process to deliver optimal results.

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Dermatype™ Technology

Your skin’s vitality is dependent on your skin barrier, collagen content, lipid content, sebum gland, and melanin activity- which are all reflected in the character of your skin. Let’s take a look at how this character is affected by your environment, lifestyle, region, diet, and gender.

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Innovative skin solution, these products are not just a one symptom fix they are a comprehensive solution with ingredients specifically chosen for YOUR DermaType.

Discover Your Dermatype™

A DermaType™ is New U Life’s proprietary technology that identifies the activity levels of your skin’s protective functions and classifies your needs according to your true skin type. Each DermaType requires a unique blend, personalized to fit the activity level of your skin’s protective functions.


Rose & Cole is where softness and strength meet to breathe confidence into your skin.

Rose & Cole is where softness and strength meet to breathe confidence into your skin.



Two Powerful Kits:
Rose & Cole Essentials
and Rose & Cole 360

Our systems have unique blends of several powerful ingredients that work together synergistically to provide maximum benefits. Additionally, the Rose & Cole 360 kit features an innovative double cleanse. Double cleansing is a simple yet robust process for removing the toughest debris, toxins, and excess oil from your face. Featuring the Rose & Cole Deep Cleanse balm, focused on removing excess oil, you are more able to remove stubborn toxins and debris with the second step cleanser, Rose & Cole Cleanse.

Rose & Cole Essentials Kit

Essentials Kit



The Essentials Kit Includes Cleanse, Preserve and Renew as well as the Eye Revive. The Preserve and the Renew products are specific to your DermaType™.


  • Cleanse
  • Preserve
  • Renew
  • Eye Revive

Rose & Cole 360 Kit

360 Kit



The Rose & Cole 360 Kit includes Deep Cleanse, Cleanse, Preserve, Renew, and Deep Renew (Temporarily out of stock) as well as the Eye Revive. The Preserve and Renew products are specific to your DermaType™.

*Deep Renew not included in kit price.


  • + Deep Cleanse
  • Cleanse
  • Preserve
  • Renew
  • + Deep Renew
  • Eye Revive

Rose & Cole - Cleanse Step Active

Deep Cleanse & Cleanse

Rose & Cole - Preserve Step Two

Transdermal anti-aging blend

Rose & Cole - Renew Step Three

Breathe life into your skin

Eye Revive

View Eye Revive

Deep Cleanse | Cleanse


A double cleanse is the best way to ensure your skin achieves the best results.

Rose & Cole - Your Daily Cleansers

Deep Cleanse

Size: 60ml

Rose & Cole Deep Cleanse is infused with natural plant-based ingredient blends to provide deep cleansing, freshness, and hydration. Suitable for all skin types, the cleansing balm is your gentle solution for removing excess oil while also doubling as a nourishing mask. This antioxidant-rich balm works to dissolve heavy-duty or waterproof makeup and leaves your skin nourished, brightened, balanced, and toned.

Key Ingredients

Rose & Cole - Vitamin E Ingredient
Vitamin E

Rose & Cole - Perilla Seed Oil Ingredient
Perilla Seed Oil

Rose & Cole - Olive Oil Ingredient
Olive Oil


Size: 120ml

Leave your face feeling clean, vibrant, and refreshed! Rose & Cole Cleanse is formulated with natural ingredients suitable for all skin types. Use during your morning and evening routine to gently remove dirt and excess oil while soothing your skin. Suitable for all DermaTypes, this Cleanse comes after the Deep Cleanse and prepares your skin for the Preserve and Renew steps.

Ingredient Highlight

Rose & Cole - Tea Tree Ingredient
Tea Tree

Rose & Cole - Aloe Vera Ingredient
Aloe Vera

Rose & Cole - Niacinamide Ingredient


Targeted Solution

Eye Revive

Size: 50ml

The Rose & Cole Eye Revive nourishes the skin, fights puffiness, and softens fine lines and wrinkles. Containing vitamins and antioxidant-rich ingredients, this eye cream leaves a replenished, brightened, and youthful rejuvenation to the skin and under-eye area. This daily under-eye nourishment is suitable for all DermaTypes.

Key Ingredients

Rose & Cole - Vitamin C Ingredient
Vitamin C

Rose & Cole - Niacinamide Ingredient

Rose & Cole - Avocado Ingredient
Avocado Oil

Somaderm built you better from the inside out, now we are building you better from the outside in.

Rose & Cole - Nourishment That Heals Image

Nourish inside & out

Combine SomaDerm’s powerful endogenous anti-aging capabilities with the Rose & Cole 360 kit. This power packed duo provides the benefits to build you better from the outside in.

Rose & Cole - Somaderm + 360 Kit

Rose & Cole FAQs

What is Rose & Cole?

A skin “solution” that uses DermaType™ technology to identify and pair your unique skin type with powerful ingredient blends. These advanced regimens work together to become a solution for your skin’s needs.

What makes Rose & Cole Unique?

It’s no secret that your skin is unique. Each person needs a regimen that provides ingredients that will work for the issues their skin faces. Each ingredient in Rose & Cole is a hero ingredient and is selected for our formula to target the deepest layer of your skin, leaving your skin feeling nourished, brightened and hydrated. This skin solution has been designed to use DermaType technology and empowers you to transcend one size fits skincare. Our researchers designed these regimens to impact the sources of aging in our skin by taking into consideration genetic makeup, diet, environment, UV exposure and overall health to provide a true solution for your skin.

How do I determine my DermaType™ and which products I should use?

Growth hormone is a single-chain peptide hormone produced by the pituitary gland. This is the hormone that helps you grow during childhood, hence the word “growth”. GH reaches its peak around the age of 20 and begins to plummet around age 25. Thus, the dreaded aging process begins, as this hormone slowly declines for the rest of your life. Growing isn’t the only thing GH is good for. Many experts say that supplementing growth hormone levels when you are older may help bring them back to levels you had in your 20’s.

Does this help with reducing wrinkles and fine lines?

Although GH has been looked at as a miracle drug or the Fountain of Youth, it shouldn’t be used in place of a healthy lifestyle. Qualified medical professionals will always recommend a combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise in order to achieve the best results from GH. For example, those who do not exercise may still achieve fat loss but will do so at a much slower rate than someone who combines the hormone with consistent exercise.

Does this help with reducing dark spots and acne?

Rose & Cole contains key ingredients that focus on providing brighter skin and can help with reducing the appearance of dark spots. Youthful, even tone across your skin is the mission and Rose & Cole can get you there!

I want my skin to look bright and feel refreshed. Will this help me?

Rose & Cole contains key ingredients that focus on providing brighter skin and can help with reducing the appearance of dark spots. Youthful, even tone across your skin is the mission and Rose & Cole can get you there!

Does my environment, stress level and what I eat affect my skin?

Yes! There is a direct correlation between your stress level and your body’s chemical responses. This response usually leads to the release of excess hormones in our body. Your environment, pollution, smoke, and diet play an equal role to the overall quality and appearance of your skin. It’s extremely important to preserve your youth from these harmful aging factors!

Does your product contain Sunscreen?

UV damage is among the worst aging factors for your skin! Rose & Cole is designed with the latest ingredients to protect and preserve your youth from the harmful effects of excess UV exposure.

What is skin C.P.R?

Skin CPR represents the three simple steps of your regimen. Cleanse: Cleansing removes toxins and excess oil to prepare your skin for the nourishment it needs. Preserve: These nourishing day gels protect your skin and preserve your youth for a radiant, attractive glow. Renew: These powerful serums, applied at night renew your skin’s protective functions while you sleep, keeping your look fresh and breathing life into your skin.

What does the Rose & Cole regimen look like?

AM: Cleanse, Preserve, and Eye Revive PM: Cleanse, Renew, and Eye Revive

How long between each step should I wait?

Once you have completed with each step of the regimen, you are ok to continue to the next step without waiting.

Is this product ok to use for people with sensitive skin?

Rose & Cole is developed with the latest science and technology to be a solution for every skin type. By utilizing DermaType technology, you can find a unique ingredient-based solution for you, even if you have sensitive skin.

How long will each regimen last?

Rose & Cole is designed to provide you a 1 month supply. Ensure your skin never goes unprotected by signing up for convenient auto-ship and have your solution delivered monthly

Can this be used if you are pregnant or nursing?

As with all our products, if you are pregnant or nursing, we recommend that you first consult with your physician prior to use.

Are the ingredients considered safe and natural?

Rose & Cole was developed with the foremost science and technology in the skin-care space. This includes the most recent discoveries in safe and effective ingredients, sustainable sourcing, and responsible product development. This means that Rose & Cole is free from any harmful ingredients and is safe for your unique skin.

Can you use Rose & Cole with Somaderm®?

Absolutely! New U Life products are designed to be used together. Rose & Cole, when used with Somaderm, provides the foremost science in supporting your body’s protective functions from the inside out.

Which markets are eligible to get Rose & Cole products?

We are currently finalizing registration in all of our international markets so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of this truly amazing skin care solution.

Are these products tested on animals?

We are a cruelty free brand and we do not test on animals.

What are the ingredients used in these products?

Each one of our products is formulated with different ingredients to meet the needs of YOUR specific DermaType! Rather than having single hero ingredients, we focus on creating superhero blends. Each ingredient exists for a specific biological function in your skin. Some of the top ingredients include:Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin C, Aloe Vera, Squalane, Grapeseed oil, retinol and PHA’s. Our research scientists have worked very hard to provide uniquely blended ingredients to maximize your skin care solution.

How do I set up a subscription?

We have an amazing automatic shipment Subscription program that allows you to have your product shipped to you every 30 days. Simply select “Subscription” when you are purchasing your product.

Will these products be available internationally?

We are currently working through the logistics of bringing these products to international markets. However, we have not been able to finalize a timetable. We are working to ensure that these product are available to our New U Life Family.

What is double cleansing?

Double cleansing is a simple yet robust process for removing the toughest debris, toxins, and excess oil from your face. Featuring the Rose & Cole Deep Cleanse balm, focused on removing excess oil, you are more able to remove stubborn toxins and debris with the second step, Rose & Cole Cleanse.

What do I do if my product won’t come out?

Sometimes small air pockets sneak into the pump. In order to assure that you get every bit of product from your bottles, lightly tap the bottom on a solid surface. This should allow the product to dispense freely.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Keep out of the reach of children.